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Recovering from and living with breast cancer can wear you down emotionally and physically.  It is hard to accept that you got cancer in the first place. Why me? Is a common question that we all ask ourselves.  Moreover, It’s also hard to deal with the fear of recurrence.  I feel your pain and understand because I’ve been there too.

My name is Lucy Beato. I am a Triple Negative Breast Cancer survivor.  When Diagnosed with cancer and while going through my treatment my end goal was to survive and get back to my normal like.  However, while at it and more so, once I finished my treatment, the negative committed in my head took over and I felt lost and alone making it difficult for me to regain my life.  I encounter so many emotional issues such as stress, depression, guilt, fear and even anger.

It took me sometime to get my life back together and be able to feel better physically and emotionally.   It was not until I decided to get a coach and work on my mental and physical health that I was able to regain my life back and learn to live with purpose. 

Today I am thankful that I did. Life after cancer became so much more intentional exciting and fun once I changed my mindset.  I am here to support you and help you do the same.


Boss Ladies Fighting Cancer Club is a program designed to guide and support cancer patients and fellow survivors who seek to transform their mindset, their physical health and lifestyle during or post cancer and learn to live a purposeful life.

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“Boss Lady Fighting Cancer Club”

In this 12 weeks
coaching program.

You will learn:

  • How to control the negative committee in your head and shift your thoughts.
  • Build courage, confidence and compassion while coping with cancer or post cancer.
  • Work on your fears, release emotional pain, self-judgment and comparison.
  • To connect with your body and nourish it from a place of love.
  • To care and appreciate your new self-image.
  • Tips to look and feel your best during or after cancer.
  • Design your post cancer life with intention and live it with joy.

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