Mi Nombre es Lucy Beato.

Soy Life coach, Conferencista y Sobreviviente de Cáncer.

Today I want to tell you a little about my story…

I was born in the Dominican Republic. I am the oldest of three siblings, two girls and one boy.
The first 11 years of my childhood were spent between New York and the Dominican Republic, leaving me with fond memories of that stage of my life.

In my adolescence, I lived through stages that marked my life and led me to become independent at the age of nineteen (19 years old). I have characterized myself as being very focused and determined, despite the setbacks I had to face, I completed my university studies and graduated in pedagogy.

I got married and have been teaching teens and adults for 10 years. After this, my husband and I decided to move to Miami, start a business and consolidate our union. Leaving behind my career, my family and friends, venturing into an unknown state but full of hopes and expectations.

For 10 years I supported my husband to fulfill his dreams, it was a stage of hard work and challenges in which I had many disappointments and disappointments, but finally I managed to be a businesswoman and leader of my work team.

Once our business was consolidated, one of the best stages came into my life: Motherhood, giving me two wonderful children, who are the perfect complement that ended up giving meaning to my life.

On my 39th birthday when I was in my prime, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I started my process which was full of fears, pain, suffering; It was a long road, where I won a lot, because I overcame cancer, but I also lost, because by winning the battle I lost my marriage of more than 20 years.

Today I am in remission, I feel very good, full, full of life at my best and with more strength than ever to move forward and continue fulfilling my life purpose. Because in any situation or circumstance, attitude is the most important thing.

Through my studies and all these experiences that I have shared with you, my methodology created for women called “Valor-Art” has emerged. The art of giving you value!

Because nowadays Valuing myself is my art and I want to share it with you!

Valor-Arte was designed to support women to value themselves, love themselves, so that they can break their fears and paradigms and begin to live with purpose and be their best version.